Core Consciousness

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Core Consciousness: 
Core ConsciousnessTM is a program developed to integrate higher consciousness with body awareness, resulting in the empowerment and harmony of the physical, mental and emotional self. Core ConsciousnessTM techniques incorporate anatomy, physiology, yoga and meditation along with the body’s natural energy and wisdom. As these aspects of the self come together, emotional blocks are removed, opening pathways that allow you to gain more momentum in living the whole and peaceful life that is inherently yours.


Monet Dalpiaz, RN, Diastasis Recti and Core Restoration Specialist: 
Encouraging growth, creativity and acceptance, Monet believes that we discover ourselves everyday. She is the founder of Core Consciousness and has been a Registered Nurse since 2001 with experience in specialties including Child and Adolescent Psychiatry as well as Emergency Nursing. As an advocate for holistic health and wellness, Monet integrates her experience as a Registered Nurse, Energy Healer and Yoga instructor to facilitate both emotional and physical healing as well as promoting overall wellness and vitality. Her passion is educating and supporting others on their journey to living a life of authenticity and personal harmony.








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