Meet the Dynamic Moms Team

Monet Dalpiaz

• Team Leader • Director of Creative Development • Monet is the founder of Dynamic Moms. As the Team Leader she directs the vision of Dynamic Moms with an open heart an open mind, staying focused and honoring the purpose of this movement, to celebrate the dynamic authenticity of each mother. She is committed to the overall mission of Dynamic Moms, to advocate for and connect mothers with one another as well as avenues that support mothers and their families. As Director of Creative Development, Monet is dedicated to exploring,

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Amanda Kearney

• Team Coordinater • Director of Resource Management • Amanda was born and raised on Long Island and is where she and her husband, 3 boys and dog reside. Before becoming a stay-at-home-mom, Amanda began working under her Bachelors in Communication Arts in marketing and public relations, sports marketing, and TV research. She soon realized she was not happy in a cubicle and decided to pursue a career in the science field as an environmental educator. It is here that she soon realized how much she enjoyed working with children

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Kristen Cuzzaniti

• Team Member of Dynamic Moms • Kristen was born and raised on Long Island and is where she and her family currently reside. When she is not interacting with her fellow dynamic moms, she cares for her very active and spunky 3 year old daughter while managing her household. Prior to becoming a mother, Kristen worked in West Islip School District as an Elementary and Special Education teacher for several years. Kristen is passionate about early childhood development and instilling a love of learning in all children, including her

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Jordana Dory

• Project Manager • Born and raised on LI, Jordana graduated from University of Maryland in 1999 and moved directly to NYC. After 10 years in Manhattan working in the fashion/retail industry, she returned to the island to support her family in a time of need and be closer in proximity. For 2 years, she was a primary caregiver for her aged Great Uncle that was a Holocaust survivor. Her family decided to remove him from a Senior home due to his unhappiness there and helped orchestrate the ability to

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Laura Larson

• Website Development and Marketing Director • Laura received her Bachelors in Visual Communications in 2006, but that was not enough to fulfill her hunger for learning. She then went on to obtain her Masters Degree in Childhood Education from Dowling College in 2008. While Laura enjoyed teaching after graduation, it quickly became apparent that her true passion was for creative development, and so she pursued her career in graphic design. Now Laura is the creative director for a Long Island based marketing firm, with over 15 years of professional experience. She

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