Three Little Birds

childbirth education with Nicole Malcom

Dynamic Deal #1: 10% off fee for childbirth education series running Feb 24-April 14 


Regular price: $450 for 8 weeks instead of $500

 Class Details:  Preparing You for Your Best Birth Experience! Three Little Birds teaches the Birth and Beyond Education curriculum.  This course is unique compared to other birth preparation courses. It covers a broad spectrum of material. We begin with pregnancy wellness and navigate through all of the important, but often overlooked, aspects of birth. 

Topics include:

  • Setting up your labor and birthing environment
  • Labor and delivery
  • Discussing the importance of partner support and recognizing how your birth partner is an asset to your labor
  • Reviewing what can be expected postpartum 
  • Caring for your newborn
  • Breastfeeding
Classes run Sundays 11:30a-1:30pm beginning 2/24/19 through April 14th
Location: 400 Wantagh Ave, Wantagh NY.
Registration is required.
To redeem this Dynamic Deal, mention Dynamic Moms when registering for the class! 
Register at
or email Nicole Malcom at
This offer is no longer valid after the start of the February 24th class.


Dynamic Deal #2:  Three video chat counseling sessions for $180 (20% off)


Counseling can seem scary; I’m here to ensure it isn’t.  If at first we are not caring for ourselves, we cannot be expected to be available to care of others.


Nicole Malcom provides a safe, judgement-free space that is yours.  In this space, you are free to speak about your own personal emotions and experiences.


Topics covered often include, but aren’t limited to:


– infertility and pregnancy loss

– pregnancy

– birth trauma

– adjusting to new baby

– adjusting to changes in relationships after baby

– perinatal mood and anxiety disorders

– postpartum depression/anxiety

-child loss


To redeem this Dynamic Deal, mention Dynamic Moms upon inquiry
This offer is valid through August of 2019





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