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Many aspects of mothering come natural to many women, however, there are some things that can be challenging. Sometimes a little help or a tip from another mom can go a long way in making things just a little bit easier. Below are some tips that the Dynamic Moms team thought could be useful to moms.  

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Tips for Making Bedtime Smoother for Toddlers

By Seema Bhambri, Certified Sleep Consultant Be Consistent: Toddlers like to know what to expect and don’t often do well with surprises.   Make sure you remain consistent with your Toddler and respond in the same way to their nightly/bedtime demands.  If they see that you mean business when it comes to bedtime, they are more likely to comply. If you waiver just once on that extra book or glass of water, guess what, you have given them the signal that they can push you into meeting their demands.  They will keep pushing and testing those boundaries – that’s what Toddlers

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Here are some helpful tips to benefit moms.

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